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Reiki Treatment

30 mins      60 mins
  $50             $80

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. During the session the client is fully clothed and the practitioner lightly places their hands on the client. The reiki is administered through this light touch while the practitioner acts as a medium for this spiritually guided energy.


Reiki/Massage Combination

90 mins

During this treatment it is estimated the client will receive a 60 minute swedish massage and one half hour of reiki. The client will begin face-up receiving massage and reiki to the front of their body or as the practitioner is guided. The last half hour is typically used to massage the client's body face down.




Swedish Massage

30 mins      60 mins     90 mins     120 mins
   $50            $80           $110          $160

Using a series of techniques founded in Sweden, this massage is aimed to relax the whole body. It involves long gliding strokes with firm pressure designed to relax the muscles. Strokes include effluerage, petrissage and friction. 


Deep Tissue Massage

30 mins     60 mins      90 mins
$50             $80            $110

Communication is key in this firm yet conscientious style of massage. The goal is to "do no harm" while warming the muscle tissue with swedish style strokes that gradually increase pressure to the client's comfort level. 


Prenatal Massage

60 mins     90 mins
$80             $110

Prenatal massage is offered to women past their first trimester. It is usually conducted in a side lying position using pillows and bolsters to give additional comfort and support.


Additional Offerings

All offerings add additional $10 to cost of any treatment 



CBD Massage - CBD oil is a hemp derived dietary supplement used for relaxation, stress reduction, pain management among other symptoms of dis-ease.  It can be used topically or orally to assist the body in returning to homeostasis.  Administered before the start of the session, CBD oil is sure to enhance your relaxation experience!



 Aromatherapy - Applying essential oils throughout the massage, you can choose from an assortment of scents to be used topically.  Each oil has it's own unique benefit to your health!



Cupping- Originally an Eastern modality with fire and glass cups, this craft has been simplified to use silicon cups and oil to create suction on an area of tissue.  This modality is comparable to deep tissue and can assist with pain, inflammation and relaxation. 

Caution: May leave red marks on the skin!