Massage Therapy

Restorative Massages, Reiki, Healing massage, swedish deep tissue massage,prenatal, Chair massage.


Massage Therapy is a self-care practice.  It may lower blood-pressure, heart rate and increases oxytocin.  It can decrease anxiety and assist in diminishing insomnia related to stress. 


Calm your body and mind. The mind-body connection can cause discomfort without physical activity! Massage can help release emotions as well as relieve physical tension.   


“Touch was never meant to be a luxury, it's a basic human need.”

— Irene Smith


The Wellness Allowance offers a variety of massage techniques and practices.  Hire us for chair massage at your next work function or come visit our location in Tariffville!  


The Wellness Allowance was started with the hope of bringing touch and healing to anyone seeking a better life path.  Call today and see how The Wellness Allowance can best serve you!  

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